We love helping people look and sound their best on camera — in a website video, on social media or in front of a crowd.

How We Can Help

  • Want to make a video for your website or social media, but don’t know where to start? We do. Let us help you!
  • Do you feel awkward on screen? Would you like to learn tips and tricks from an industry expert?
  • Need help with online video calls? We can show you how to navigate through Zoom, GoToMeet, and Microsoft Teams.
  • You may never be on the nightly news, but you’ll end up on camera or in a video at some point—learn from a lifelong media pro how to do it.

Video Production

Video is the number one engagement tool online and in presentations. Let us help tell your story with powerful images and words. We create interesting, engaging, and informational content you can use on your website, social media platforms and in person meetings.

Media Training

Duffie Dixon has spent 27 years in front of the camera. She teaches you the secrets to become comfortable, confident, and conversational in front of a lens. Practice real time scenarios and get instant feedback and coaching. We offer One-on-One, Corporate and Group Coaching sessions.

Video Conference Training

Like it or not, video conferencing apps like Zoom, GoToMeet, Google Meet, and others are a standard now. Learn how to look and sound your best, present in a compelling and interactive way, and the do’s and don’ts on this evolving communication platform.

Media Strategy

Learn how the media works and how to get your message heard. Don’t get stuck throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks. You have one chance to grab an audience or a customer so learn how to do it right the first time in a concise, credible, and creative way.

Crisis Communications

You want to have a crisis communications plan before a crisis ever hits. Know what to do when the news reporters come knocking. Control your message, protect your image. Let us help you put the plan in place.

Speaker, Voiceover, Podcasting

Duffie Dixon has been on the public speaking circuit for nearly 30 years. She works as a featured speaker, moderator, emcee, and podcast host. Duffie also provides voiceover work for her clients and other organizations.

Let Us Get Your Message Out

Be Seen.
Be Heard.