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Drawing from her 27 years in the television business, Duffie Dixon is a multi-Emmy award winning journalist and founder of Duffie Dixon Media.

She now shares her communication experience and media expertise with corporate executives, government officials, individuals and nonprofits. Duffie and her team provide video production, media training, media consulting and crisis communication training.

Duffie is also a podcast host at Business Radio X, a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and a frequently sought after emcee and moderator for various events.

Reasons To Choose Duffie Dixon Media

3X Emmy Award Winner

Duffie Dixon has been awarded
3 Southeast Regional Emmys:

2017 Outstanding Interview/Discussion

“Hot Car Death Trial”

2010 Health and Science News Story

“The Choking Game”

2005 Breaking News Report

“Corbin Arrest”

27 Years of Experience

Duffie has 27 years of on-camera experience as an award-winning journalist, reporter, and podcast host. Duffie is also a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and a frequently sought after emcee and moderator for events.



Look and Sound Your Best

Do you feel awkward on screen? Would you like to learn tips and tricks from an industry expert? You may never be on the nightly news, but you’ll end up on camera or in a video at some point – learn from a lifelong media pro how to do it.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Nelson Eldercare Law

“Hiring someone to create a video for your business is like walking in a field of landmines. There are a ton of people that say they have this skill, but there are few that can actually produce a great video that represents your company.

I hired Duffie to create a couple videos for Nelson Elder Care Law. We are attorneys, not actors, and we don’t know how to create a good video. We talked at a high level about the topics we wanted to discuss. Duffie came to our office with all of her “gear.” She spent time rearranging the room so that the background of the video looked good. She spent time with us to get the lighting just right. Then, she started shooting the video. She would ask a question and respond with facial expressions and body language, so you didn’t feel like you were talking to just a camera. I relate better to a person than a camera.

She did her magic in a couple hours and went off to edit. Wow, in just a couple days, she sent us back the edited videos that were amazing. We wanted a couple minor tweaks that she made quickly and BAM, we had two great videos ready to publish.

The price was very reasonable and the experience was great! I highly recommend Duffie for any video needs you may have.”

– Cindy Nelson,
Nelson Elder Care Law

Freeland Painting

“We used Duffie Dixon Media to produce a commercial for us. Duffie and her team are true professionals to work with. She gave us exactly the video we were looking for to showcase our business and convey what sets us apart from our competition. Duffie’s TV and media experience made our company look and sound top notch on camera. I would highly recommend Duffie Dixon Media for any training, web commercial, or video production you may need.”

– Doug Ireland,
Owner of Freeland Painting

Tricia Molloy

“I needed a professional video to promote my virtual leadership programs—“CRAVE Your Goals!” and “Better Balance” and even an online version of my “Picture This!” Vision Board Workshop. So glad I called Duffie Dixon! She came right to my home office and patiently directed me. She showed me how to adjust my onsite speaking style to be more effective on camera. I had my new, edited video in a few days. What a pro!”

– Tricia Molloy, Online and Onsite Leadership Speaker,
“Working With Wisdom” Author

Kenny Hamilton

“Duffie Dixon is one of the hardest working, dedicated and sincere people I’ve ever worked with in my 30+ years of broadcast journalism. Duffie is smart, loyal and so incredibly dependable. We worked side by side on many high pressure and high profile stories, and never once did she let me down, or for that matter, our viewers.
In our newsroom, Duffie was the reporter you went to when you needed total confidence that a job would be done with creativity and enthusiasm. On a personal level, Duffie is simply a good person. An ethical person. I would encourage anyone to work with her. “

– Kenny Hamilton, Director of Videography
Emory Brain Health

Keith Whitney

If you are considering hiring Duffie Dixon, just stop. And immediately make the hire! We worked together in television news for many years, and I assure you there is no one who will give more energy and enthusiasm to her job. Journalism, especially broadcast journalism in a top-ten market, requires quick thinking and seamless execution, and Duffie was a standout among pros. She was a home-run hitter for us at WXIA-TV, and I have no doubt she brings that same unerring reliability in what she does now.

– Keith Whitney,
Chief Content Officer for the City of Atlanta

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